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    The TECHTEXT CAD project was carried out between 2000 and 2002 by TTI and UMIST with support from DTI (UK Department of Trade and Industry). The program offers a platform for modeling the structure and mechanics of woven and knitted technical textiles.

    The aim was to make the research studies of the structural mechanics accessible for easy use by industry in a computer-aided design mode. The current program provides the basic facilities for setting up weaves and simple weft-knits, defining yarn specifications, and viewing the structures in 3D – plus a number of other useful features including prediction of uniaxial and biaxial stress-strain curves of fabrics.


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    (Free Demo Version, 19.3 MB) 

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    56k: 50 minutes, DSL / Cable: 12 minutes

    The TECHTEXT CAD program is now ready for evaluation by interested companies. For further information and terms contact:

    Please contact TTI for more information 

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