• People

    • Stephen J Banfield Managing Director, TTI Ltd.
      • HNC. Mechanical Engineering & Chemistry
      • Formerly mooring, towing, fishing, industrial and military rope development leader, Marlow Ropes Ltd
      • Gas carrier/tanker/bulk/ferry/cruise/marina design and mooring response analysis
      • Fibre rope fatigue studies. Fibre rope development and testing. Rope and cable splicing. Rope jacketing systems. Specialist rope yarn testing. Expert witness: rope and mooring failures.
      Denise L. Banfield Director and Company Secretary, TTI Ltd
      • Responsible for day to day business activities and finances
      • Invoice queries, Payments and Accounts, Cash Flow Management..
      Chris Berryman Associate Consultant, TTI Ltd.
      • BSc. (Hons) Physics
      • Managing Director of TTI Testing Ltd
      • Gas carrier/tanker/bulk/ferry/cruise/marina design and mooring response analysis
      • Design, development and project management of synthetic rope solutions for Offshore, Marine, Yachting, Climbing, Military and Industrial applications.
      Kevin Black Director, TTI Ltd.
      • MSc. Advanced Manufacturing, HNC Mechanical Engineering, IEng MIIE
      • Formerly principal engineer conductor protection nets and lead engineer jacket installation Systems, Kellogg Brown & Root. 
      • Project management, mooring system design and analysis, riser protection net engineering design & manufacture.
      Nigel Briggs Associate Consultant, TTI Ltd.
      • BEng (Hons) Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering.
      • Formerly, senior engineer within military avionics, semi-conductor and automotive industries.
      • Project management, design and development, specialising in computer aided design [CAD] and finite element analysis [FEA]; bringing projects through from initial conception, qualification and testing to production. Working with companies and university spin-outs to bring their conceptual ideas into working prototypes.
      Martin Delaney Director, TTI Ltd.
      • MSc Maritime Civil Engineering, CEng MICE, FIMarEST 
      • Formerly with Noble Denton and Global Maritime.
      • Offshore engineering, hydrodynamics, structures, moorings, analysis and design, installation and inspection.
      Jack Evans Project Engineer
      • MEng Naval Architecture
      • Formerly Graduate Engineer at 4C Engineering and summer placements with Orion Energy Centre and AWS Ocean Energy
      James Evans Associate Consultant, TTI Ltd.
      • BEng MSc DIC PhD MIMechE CEng 
      • Instrumentation and Software specialist
      • Formerly Development Engineer at Guided Ultrasonics Ltd.
      • Worked with the mechanics of Rail, Hose Solid Pipes, Wire and Fibre ropes

      Mark Evans

      Associate Consultant, TTI Ltd.
      • BEng MSc DIC PhD MInstNDT CEng 
      • Formerly Training and Rail Testing Manager at Guided Ultrasonics Ltd.
      • Expert Level 3 and examiner in Guided Wave Testing
      • Inspection of pipe, rail and wire structures using guided waves
      John F Flory President, TTI LLC, USA
      • BSc Mechanical Engineering, MSc Engineering Mechanics, P.E..
      • Formerly Engineering Associate, Exxon Research and Engineering.
      • Mooring system analysis; synthetic fibre rope, chain, flexible cargo hoses.

      Animesh Garg


      Associate Consultant, TTI Ltd.
      • 1st MATE FG, BSC Nautical Services
      • MICS, Member of Institute of Charter Ship Brokers, London.
      • Advanced Diploma in 'Ship Operations and Management' ICS, London.
      • Over 9 years experience in the Oil/Gas Industry.
      • Expertise in Gas carrier/tanker/bulk/ferry/cruise/marina design and mooring response analysis. Ship/ Shore / STS compatibility assessments involving cargo/bunkering operations. Site selection feasibility studies for Maritime Projects. Experience in shipboard LNG cargo operations including Bunkering Arm/Hose Transfer System/Emergency release couplers.
      Roger E Hobbs Director, TTI Ltd.
      • PhD, DSc (Eng), FICE, CEng
      • Emeritus Professor of Structural Engineering, Imperial College, London.
      • Wire rope analysis and testing; performance predictions; cable structures; fatigue testing.
      • Torsion in wire rope and chain. Analysis and design of steel structures and pipelines.
      James Mackay Associate Consultant, TTI Ltd.
      • BSc [Hons] Engineering Product Design
      • Project and QC management. Synthetic rope system design, moorings, towing, heavy lift, SPM systems, riser protection nets, manufacture, and onshore and offshore installation. Expert witness, investigation and failure analysis of ropes.
      • Formerly Business Development Manager Bridon Int. [2006-2014]
      • Commercial and Technical Sales Manager Marlow Ropes [1991-2005].
      Tom Mackay Associate Consultant, TTI Ltd.
      • CEng, MIMechE
      • Director of TTI Marine Renewables, Inverness
      • Formerly Senior Engineer AWS Ocean Energy, Perkins and Wavegen
      • >20+ years of experience gained in the automotive and marine renewable energy sectors, covering mechanical engineering design and development and R&D activities.
      Ross Morley Associate Consultant / Quality Manager, TTI Ltd.
      • BEng (Hons) - Design Engineering
      • Formerly Project Engineer / Lead Coordinator of Hotchkiss Ltd
      • 10 years of experience gained in the building services industry, covering CAD design and engineering.
      Fanggang NING Associate Consultant, TTI Ltd.
      • PhD. Textile Materials and Design
      • BSc. Textile Engineering
      • TTI representative in China
      Nick O'Hear Chairman, TTI Ltd.
      • BSc Electrical Engineering.
      • Technical Director (Ropes and Cables), TTI Ltd.
      • Formerly Technical Director, JDR Cable Systems.
      • Fibre ropes, fibre and wire reinforced electrical cables and umbilical's. 
      Alan T Ractliffe Director, TTI Ltd.
      • Formerly Senior Lecturer in Naval Architecture, Newcastle University
      • Naval architecture, structural analysis, ship motions, modelling of marine systems, cable dynamics.
      Isabel Ridge Senior Consultant, TTI Ltd.
      • BSc PhD FIMechE, MInstNDT CEng
      • Technical Director TTI Testing Ltd.
      • President OIPEEC (International Organisation for the Study of Ropes) 2011-2015
      • Formerly Principal Research Fellow, University of Reading and Head of Research and Development, CASAR Drahtseilwerk Saar, Germany
      • Inspection, behaviour and endurance of wire ropes, failure analysis, torsional behaviour of rope and chain.
      Xavier Wadbled Project Engineer
      • MSc, Ecole Centrale de Nantes
      • Hydrodynamics and mooring analysis specialist
      Sam Weller Associate Consultant, TTI Ltd.
      • MEng (Hons), PhD, Wh.S.Sch
      • 11+ years' experience in the marine renewable energy sector including experimental and numerical R&D covering mechanical, power capture, material and hydrodynamic aspects of wave, tidal and floating wind devices as well as offshore operations.
      • Previously a Research fellow at the University of Exeter and Research Engineer at Ifremer and MARIN.  PhD student at the University of Manchester. BAE Systems Technician Modern Apprentice and Sponsored Student. IMechE Whitworth Scholar and Senior Scholar.
      Ben Yeats Associate Consultant, TTI Ltd.
      • MSc CEng, MIMarEST
      • Project Manager for joint industry projects
      • Director of TTI Marine Renewables, Inverness
      • 20+ years in marine renewable energy Sector
      • Formerly Chief Technology Officer with AWS Ocean Energy, Head of R&D and marine projects at Wavegen, Mooring designer and Naval Architect with Noble Denton.