• Textile Testing


  • Textile Testing

    TTI Testing personnel are qualified and experienced Textile Technologists

    • Forensic investigation of product failures, ropes, textiles and packaging
    • In-house testing facilities for the determination of tensile and abrasion resistance properties of fibres, yarns and fabrics
    • Specialised programmes to deliver enhanced analysis of Load/Extension curves from tensile testing
    • Other investigative methods available include:
      • Optical and scanning electron microscopy, including 3D surface analysis
      • Fourier Transform infra-red spectrometry
      • Differential scanning calorimetry
      • Electrostatic characteristics by charge decay, surface and volume resistivity

    These techniques allow detailed analysis of any complicated problem, where visual and tensile testing is not sufficient to understand the problem.

    • Particular expertise in the production of woven polypropylene fabric and its use in packaging applications.
    • Particular expertise in advising on clean room working for woven polypropylene packaging manufacturing plants.
    • Particular expertise in warp knitting technology
    • Direct access to many of the Textile Departments of Universities and Colleges.
    • Design and development of demonstrator systems made from technical textiles
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