• Marine Software Development

  • Marine Software Development

    Tension Technology International (TTI) develops bespoke marine software to meet client needs.

    Fibre Rope Modeller (FRM) is an extensive rope modelling programme. The programme derives the rope properties from the rope construction, basic yarn data and secondary yarn properties such as the coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance. Under varying load, elements will slip and internal abrasion will occur. The rope will also creep leading to stress rupture. FRM can determine the rope’s strength, predict the tension-tension fatigue life and stress rupture, determine elongation and creep elongation, establish the static and dynamic modulus and give the roe diameters and unit weights.

    Opti-Life is a newly developed programme to predict the residual rope life, in for example, a mooring application. The loading history and rope type are the inputs for Opti-Life. This programme forms the basis of a fully automated system for rope monitoring, where load cells provide the load input. The output is the rope life already used and the remaining life. Opti-Life will trigger a warning when the roe need to be replaced. This programme not only enhances safety by ensuring timely rope replacement but it also cuts costs. Because the loading history is uncertain and was previously difficult to establish, most ropes are replaced long before their useful lifetime has been reached.

    Optimoor is a leading vessel mooring analysis programme. It is simple to use and will ensure that the vessel is safely moored in the prevailing environmental conditions. The output is both in tabular and diagramatic form showing vessel movement form the quayside. Optimoor copes with passing vessels, sweeps through 360 degrees of wind, current and wave, has preset vessel and quay data. Optimoor has a catenary mooring module and will also carry out spread mooring calculations.

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