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    TTI provides a complete consultancy service in the field of ropes and cables. We know how to select them (from the thousands available), to design them, to install them, to use them, to inspect them, to retire them. We will help you avoid the delays, expense and inadequate service life which can follow the use of the wrong material or construction.

    The design of ropes can be a complex engineering task. The designer is required to establish the effect of multiple helices on the strength and elongation of the rope as well how this affects the performance of the rope in a variety of applications. TTI is equally at home with fibre and with steel wire ropes.

    TTI can select the right Rope construction and fibre type for a given task. By using proprietary software such as FRM (Fibre Rope Modeller), TTI can complete the design of the rope and establish the fatigue characteristics of the rope.

    Core of braid-on-braid hawser

    Rope Manufacture must ensure that the rope geometry is properly maintained and that the rope is made with correct and uniform tensions. Different machines affect these fundamentals differently and can have a significant effect on the rope itself. TTI advises on the best machinery to use and the set up, taking into account the need for productivity as well as quality and performance.

    Rope installation is a vital part of the chain. Carried out under adverse conditions or in a poor way, the installation can ruin the rope and cause equipment to be lost, resulting in serious delays and extra costs. TTI has extensive experience in rope installation, both in establishing the installation procedure and in supervising the installation itself. This service is especially valuable in novel, hitherto untried applications.

    Rope Lifetime is difficult to establish. Generally this means that the rope is replaced long before it has reached the end of its usable lifetime. Occasionally the rope is not replaced on time and this can cause untold damage, even loss of life. There is no quick fix to this problem since the factors affecting lifetime are multiple and difficult to control. TTI has made important progress in this field with the introduction of Optilife Rope Monitoring driven by proprietary software. This system is designed for applications, such as mooring. Rope load is monitored and this is used to establish the loss of rope life with each tension-tension cycle. When the predetermined usable life of the rope has been expended, rope replacement is signalled. The system can be further developed for use applications where, for example, the rope is cycled over sheaves.

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