• Marine electromechanical Cable

  • Electromechanical Cables

    Electromechanical Cables are designed to fulfill a number of different functions in a single cable. Generally they are used in dynamic applications with wear from tension- tension fatigue and often cycling over sheaves.

    TTI is experienced in the design of electro-mechanical cables, which have to be as small as possible in diameter and at the same time robust in arduous applications. These competing needs mean that, unlike with most other cables, there are no national or international standards governing the sizes of these cables or their components. Small differences in design such as the use of copper or copper - cadmium for the conductors or the degree of torque balance, make profound differences to the cable's lifetime. Each design has to take into account the precise conditions of use.

    TTI Services:

    • ELM Cable Design
    • ELM Qualification and Test Procedures
    • ELM Production & Quality Monitoring

    Typical Offshore Applications for Special Cables

    • ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) Umbilical
    • ROV Tether
    • Underwater Plow Umbilical
    • Seismic Vessel Tow Leader
    • Solid Streamer Cable
    • Ocean Bottom Cable
    • Land Seismic Cable
    • Tension Monitoring for Tension Leg Platforms
    • Diving Umbilicals (Hose Bundles)
    • Control Valve Umbilicals (Hose Bundles)

    Typical Defence Applications for Special Cables

    • Towed Sonar High Density Cable
    • Towed Sonar Low Density Cable
    • Helicopter Dipping Sonar Cable

    Typical ROV Cable 
    With Fibre Optic Core, Signal Conductors, Power Conductors & Torque Balanced Steel Armoutring