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    OPTIMOOR is now available in three versions: "Standard" which analyzes moorings at piers and sea islands, "Plus" which also analyzes moorings at offshore spread moorings utilizing buoys and catenaries, and "Dynamic" which simulates the behaviour where dynamic effects are useful or essential, such as single point moorings or passing ship forces. You can download and install a free demonstration version of OPTIMOOR on your computer.

    This demonstration version has all of the features of the full OPTIMOOR program with certain restrictions:

    • Vessel dimensions are fixed, but you can alter all other input data.
    • You cannot save any data files.
    • Some of the output results are truncated.
    • Seakeeping motion data files are shortened so the response to waves is unreliable.


    Click on "download OPTIMOOR" above, and follow the instructions.

    After you complete the download, you should decompress Optidemo.zip using unzip. Then run the program SETUP.exe to install the demonstration version of Optimoor.  The program will install and run like any other windows program.  If you have any problem, please contact one of the email addresses below. 

    You can order a license for Optimoor by contacting:


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