• Technical Inspection, Project Management, Expediting and Independent Testing Services


  • Technical Inspection Services

    It is recognised that not all companies have the in-house capability and or expertise to ensure rope and mooring system products compatibility in respect to International and Industry Standards.

    A key issue in ensuring product compatibility and compliance in this respect is having a good understanding of these standards as well as technical understanding of rope technology, production and testing and this is where TTI can assist.  It is our aim to reduce your risks by providing key technical inspection services, consulting and assistance where required specifically for fibre and wire rope but also for ancillary products such as chain, shackles, anchors and hose.

    We are renowned world leaders in rope research and testing programs and can offer independent expertise in rope selection, design and installation including the lastest in-house computer modelling techniques for rope and mooring analysis and design.  

    We have extensive hands-on experience in rope production and termination techniques and in the effective use of ropes and rope systems across the oil and gas, marine and marine renewables sectors. Continuous research for improvement of rope systems has ensured that TTI remain at the forefront in key industry development programs.

    We can offer independent third-party inspection services in accordance with internationally recognised codes, standards, and design specifications and specific technical project requirements.  This ensures that ordered equipment, materials and goods have been manufactured in accordance with a client's specifications, and other applicable quality system requirements.

    Project Management, Vendor Inspection and Field Expediting Services

    In addition to technical inspection TTI can provide independent project management and expediting services using engineers who are experienced in rope, wire and chain production and testing.  This allows us to identify delays and potential problems by checking effective schedules of production activities and ensuring our clients are made aware of any unexpected delays to project schedules by a continuous flow of information and timely reporting.

    TTI has experience with working with many major international companies worldwide and would offer a dedicated project manager to your nominated project as required. We have unrivalled experience in handling complex and high profile projects from initiation, design and manufacturing through to installation, commissioning and final delivery.

    Using TTI's project managers can ensure you reduce technical risks, meet project goals for scheduling and budget and ensure that supplied materials comply with the applicable standards.

    TTI Testing

    In addition to independent inspection and expediting services TTI Testing offers a dedicated 1,000m2 test facility based in Wallingford,  United Kingdom.  We offer a complete range of test services and strive for flexibility.  Whether it be wire, fibre or chain, or indeed other industrial products,  TTI can provide a specific testing facility to meet your requirements whether they be to international test standards or to your own project specific requirements we are able to design and adapt test machines to meet these requirements and independently verify test results and product performance.