• Rope Failure Analysis

  • Field Examination and Rope Failure Analysis

    Unexpected rope failure is a major concern to rope users. Often, prior to failure, the rope is reported to be in good condition but closer examination shows signs of substantial deterioration.

    TTI is expert in rope examination and can help the customer establish rope inspection procedures and schedules that are relevant to the application. This includes the identification of sites of internal and external abrasion, flex fatigue and so on

    Rope Failure Analysis

    If a rope has failed, it is often vital to establish the cause of failure. TTI undertakes failure analysis. The results generally point to simple and inexpensive remedial measures such as the introduction of bend limiters or wear sleeves.

    • Review of the Application and Conditions of Use
    • Identification of Wear Mechanisms
    • Condition of Rope
      • At Point of Failure
      • Generally
      • In Other High Wear Locations
    • Tensile Testing of Rope and Strands
    • Tensile Testing of Yarns
    • Yarn Examination
      • Optical and Electron Microscope
      • Types of Yarn and Filament Failure (e.g. tensile, abrasion, flex)
      • Yarn Abrasion and Friction Testing Rope design tests to quantify the performance of a rope or cable. view
      • Expert Witness Marine accident investigation for risk prevention, assessment and litigation services. view
      • Fibres Guide How to identify the synthetic fibres used in rope making. view