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    Brief Tour of the New Windows OPTIMOOR Program. OPTIMOOR is based on the OCIMF recommendations and procedures and includes OCIMF wind and current coefficients for tanker mooring.

    OPTIMOOR is an easy-to-use computer program for use by vessel and terminal personnel in planning and managing conventional vessel moorings. Data are input and displayed on spread sheets for easy data entry and change Examples of the principal OPTIMOOR data screens are shown and discussed on this page.

    Data describing the vessel and its mooring lines are entered on the Vessel Lines Screen

    Vessel Lines Screen

    Data describing the berth and the ship mooring points are entered on the Berth Screen. Data entered on these screens are saved to files for later use in other ship mooring analyses.

    Berth Screen

    The mooring arrangement is then specified on the Mooring Screen by associating vessel lines with berth points. Winch tending is simulated to establish line preloads. 
    OPTIMOOR calculates mooring line and fender loads and vessel motions as soon as mooring arrangement or environment data are entered or changed.

    Mooring Screen

    The mooring arrangement is shown and can be altered on the Arrangement Screen.

    Ship and tanker mooring screenshot

    If initial and final draft and trim are entered on the Case Screen, then the effects of change in freeboard are calculated.

    Case Screen

    If tide and tidal current data are entered (on a separate Tide Screen) then these are determined for the calculation time and adjusted for the mooring site if necessary. The results are displayed on this Environment Screen.

    The tidal current is superimposed on the "constant" current, and the current forces and moments on the vessel are calculated and displayed. The wind forces and moment are also calculated and displayed.

    The OCIMF Wind and Current Coefficients are licensed and included within OPTIMOOR. Other wind and current forces are also included. The user may provide other alternative data, and may choose which coefficients are to be used for a particular vessel in these calculations.

    The user may enter other applied force and moment data, for example from tugs, ice, or a passing tanker.

    The Environment Screen then displays the total force and moment on the vessel.

    Environment Screen

    A single command causes OPTIMOOR to calculate and display mooring line forces and vessel movements resulting from winds from various directions. These results can then be plotted as a "Wind Force Rose", showing the most severe wind directions.

    Wind Force Rose

    When initial and final vessel draft and trim and/or tidal variation data are provided, OPTIMOOR calculates the change in mooring line loads with time. The following Mooring Screen shows the mooring loads at 5 hours after the time in the above Mooring Screen.

    Red shows that one line (8E) is overloaded. Orange and Yellow show that other lines are also highly loaded. The line tending feature of OPTIMOOR can then be used to plan how to let out winch lines to alleviate this problem.

    Mooring Screen

    OPTIMOOR includes data on wire and synthetic fibre rope breaking strengths and elasticity's, which are automatically applied when a mooring line material and size is selected on the vessel data screen. Much of the elasticity data is based on Tension Technology International's knowledge, based on actual testing of new and used synthetic fibre ropes.

    Typical Wire and Synthetic Fibre Rope Load-Elongation Curve

    OPTIMOOR is now available in two versions: "Standard" which analyses moorings at piers and sea islands, and "Plus" which also analyzes moorings at offshore spread moorings utilizing buoys and categories.

    OPTIMOOR runs on recent versions of Microsoft Windows.

    OPTIMOOR is based on the Oil Company International Marine Forum (OCIMF) recommendations and procedures. The OCIMF Wind and Current Force and Moment Coefficients are "built in" to OPTIMOOR (under license from OCIMF).

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