• Martin Delaney

    • Martin A. Delaney
      C.Eng. M.I.C.E., F.I.Mar.E.

      Phone: 020 8504 2829

      Email: Delaney@TensionTech.com

      Mr. Delaney is an offshore engineer with extensive experience in structures, naval architecture, and computing disciplines. He has worked on projects in the North Sea and worldwide, from concrete and steel fixed platforms in the early 80's to recent FPS and FPSO facilities. He is a specialist in the design and analysis of offshore mooring systems, and has contributed to many developments in the moorings analysis and assessment software used by the industry today. Recently he has been involved in R&D projects in deepwater technology and with offshore instrumentation, software and decision support systems.

      Major accomplishments

      For TTI, participated in the design and analysis of specialised mooring systems at a submarine research facility. This required restraining the movements of a submarine to a small envelope at a constant depth with all systems shut down. Test equipment and support craft also needed high restrain moorings. The design solution utilised high performance fibre rope mooring lines.

      Member of the TTI design team for the Riser Protection Nets on the Asgard B and Troll C facilities. These fibre rope nets are placed between the legs of offshore platforms to prevent errant vessel from damaging production risers. The massive nets must withstand North Sea wave environments without deterioration and be able to absorbing high impact energy. Comprehensive analyses of hydrodynamic and fatigue response and vessel impact cases were carried out to develop and prove the net designs.

      As Senior Principal Engineer at Nobel Denton, supervised and participated in development of software for jack-up rig assessment, pipeline pigging operations, offshore personnel risk analysis, and moorings anslysis. Conducted environmental, structural and motion monitoring campaigns for offshore rigs, including design, supply, installation and maintenance of instrumentation and data logging systems, data collection, post-processing and reporting activities. Responsible for contract to design, build, install and commission a metocean monitoring and mooring advisory system for Amoco Liuhua FPS , South East China.

      Managed, promoted and contributed technically to several leading Joint Industry Projects including SEAL (mooring wire inspection tool), Design Guide for Fibre Rope Moorings, and Integrated Mooring & Riser Design. Active in specialist consultancy in offshore moorings and deepwater technology including analysis work, offshore visits, expert advice in litigation cases and attending and speaking at international conferences.

      As an Associate at Global Maritime, undertook a broad spectrum of marine and offshore engineering consultancy work including analyses for environmental criteria, hydrodynamic loads, vessel motions, moorings, risers, pipelines, structures etc., warranty approvals, site work, conducting offshore surveys and handling investigations into vessel collisions, berth and oil terminal damage, etc., for insurance interests.

      As consultant to Global Maritime, performed the engineering and design of temporary mooring systems for construction of the Conoco Hutton TLP involving development of design philosophies and writing computer programs to analyse multi-leg catenary moorings.

      Detailed design and site supervision as Resident Engineer for the floating pier at Westminster (client Thames Water Authority). Also, Hydrostatic stability and moorings analyses of many floating structures including, semi-submersible drilling units, barges, single point moorings, immersed-tube tunnels and a floating pump station.

      As consultant to Noble Denton & Associates, performed structural and stability checks for mobile drilling units in worldwide locations under operating conditions and towage. Detailed structural analyses of jack-up units to investigate fatigue, dynamic and foundation effects. Technical appraisals for unusual marine cargoes on heavy lift vessels. Reviews, independent analyses and field attendances for insurance warranty on major oil & gas field developments including the Brae A, Gorm, Beatrice B and Morecambe Bay projects.


      B.Tech. (Hons) in Civil and Structural Engineering (Bradford).

      M.Sc. in Maritime Civil Engineering (Manchester).


      Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd., London, Design Engineer, 1977-80.

      Self-Employed, 1980-83, clients included: Shell, SBM Inc., Noble Denton, Global Maritime.

      Global Maritime Ltd., London, Senior Structural Engineer, 1983-87, Associate, 1987-92

      Noble Denton Europe, Limited, London, Senior Principal Engineer, 1992-96

      Tension Technology International, Technical Director (Mooring Systems), 1997-Present

      Professional societies and other qualifications

      Chartered Engineer, Member, Institution of Civil Engineers

      Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineers

      Offshore Medical & Training Certificates (OPITO ID 0029661).