• Jim Evans

      • Dr James John Evans
        BEng(Hons) MSc DIC PhD MIMechE CEng

        29 Balloch Road,
        SE6 1SP,

        M: 07952 810714
        email: nevajims@gmail.com


        2000 - PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College, University of London.,
        1992 - MSc DIC, Advanced Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College.,
        1992 - B.Eng. (Hons) 2.1 in Mechanical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.,
        2010 - PGCE Secondary School Mathematics Goldsmiths College University of London.,
        Ongoing - MSc, Mathematics, Open University, 5 out of 6 credits completed so far. Modules completed: Calculus of variations, Approximation theory, Applied complex variables, Advanced numerical methods, and Non-linear ordinary differential equations. Final dissertation: Variational methods applied to eigenvalue problems.


        Chartered Mechanical Engineer (CEng).,
        Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (MIMechE). Level 1 guided wave operator.


        Deans award in undergraduate course for meritorious performance,
        ISEP scholarship to study 3rd year (UG) in the University of Utah (USA).,
        ERASMUS studentship to study final year project (UG) in the University of Stuttgart.

        Sponsored by Rolls Royce (Aero Engines) throughout UG course.
        Sponsored by Polyflex Gmbh (UHP hoses) for PhD research (EPSRC CASE studentship)

        Awarded Imperial College Union Colours (93/94 and 94/95). Elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS) in 1998.


        07/15 to Present Senior Development Engineer, TTI Testing Ltd, Wallingford, Oxfordshire.
          Working on an Innovate funded proof of concept grant (including writing the original proposal) on the development of a method for measuring rail tension using optical methods: Involves rail modelling as well as experimental analysis of a rail in tension using image and signal processing methods. Also working on various other projects related to the mechanical behaviour of wire and fibre ropes.
        04/11 - 06/15

        Development Engineer, Guided Ultrasonics Ltd., Brentford.

        10/14 - 06/15 Developed algorithms for pre and post processing of semi- analytic finite element (SAFE) models used to predict the modal solutions and dispersion curves of cross sections of an arbitrary shape:  verified solutions from the model using analytical solutions for the cylindrical case (pipe and rod) and then used the method to calculate the modal behaviour of a rail:  the results of this being used to calculate excitation frequencies and transducer locations for a commercial product under development to monitor rail integrity using the guided wave approach.
        10/13 - 10/14 Developed a method to measure the thickness of a pipe section using piezo electric transducers in shear mode to excite the external surface of the pipe and then measuring the resonance of the response (using the same transducers). The method involved optimizing the input and processing parameters (time and frequency windowing, excitation frequency, number of cycles), and working out methods of peak detection and parameters to assess the quality of the result (peak width and amplitude). This method was verified using standard high frequency ultrasonic methods (back echo) and showed an excellent agreement. The method enabled an existing commercial product designed for guided wave inspection of pipes to be able to also give a quantitative measure of thickness at the actual ring location (usually referred to as the dead zone) where previously no information was available and hence significantly improved the functionality of this equipment.
        06/13 - 10/13 Produced detailed work instructions (3 reports, 200 pages) for the entire manufacturing and inspection process of producing all sizes of a permanently installed monitoring ring known as PIMS (Permanently installed monitoring system) and associated peripherals (connection boxes). These work instructions were used as part of the companys successful ISO 9001 submission and are also used within the company for training and quality purposes.
        04/11 - 06/13 Working within the repair and production department of the company, developed and implemented a new tracking/QA system for the repair and rental departments. Involved in the day to day running of Repair, Rental, and Production departments, including significant amounts of hands on practical work giving me a good knowledge of the functionality from the full range of GUL equipment. Produced work instructions and procedures for many of the technical operations within the company. Gained some experience operating guided wave equipment in the field and in the company premises and completed the level 1 certification.
        09/10 - 03/11 Mathematics Teacher, Eltham College, Mottingham.
          Independent boys school with co-educational 6th form. Taught maths to pupils from Year 7 to A-Level and carried out all the required duties associated with this position (prepare exams, prepare, and teach classes, write reports, liaise with teachers and parents etc.), managed the chess club and school chess team which won its way through to the final stage of a national competition. Was present during an OFSTED inspection.
        07/09 - 07/10 Teacher Training, Goldsmith College, University of London.
          This one-year course involved studying the theoretical and practical aspects of mathematics teaching and then applying this in two school placements: The first in Bexley Business Academy, Abbey Wood (a centrally funded academy) and the second in Kingsdale Foundation School, Dulwich (a locally funded comprehensive school). Assisted during an OFSTED inspection in Kingsdale.
        01/03 - 09 Research Fellow, Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics, London and New York Blood Centre, New York.
          The initial focus of this NIH funded project has been the development of two methods for analysing erythrocyte membrane mechanical properties: measuring the dynamic response to thermal noise and measuring the tensile properties using optical tweezers. Both techniques involve custom-made optical apparatus and custom-written driving, acquisition and analysis software written in Lab-view and Matlab. The test methods are being used to investigate the effects of volume change of the red cell and biochemical perturbations of the red cell membrane on mechanical characteristics, such as membrane tension and bending modulus. The experimental work has also involved a considerable amount of biochemical manipulation of red cells and of proteins and peptides, much of which was learned while working in New York.
        09-10/03 Research Fellow, Red Cell Physiology Lab, New York Blood Centre, New York.
          Working on biochemical techniques for manipulating and studying red blood cells and their membranes with a view to studying the associated changes in mechanical properties.
        02/00 - 05/03 Research Fellow, Centre for Biomimetics, Department of Engineering, University of Reading.
          Studying the mechanical behaviour of insect skin. The project focused on understanding the mechanics of insect skin and the structural mechanisms of their surface strain sensors. This involved modelling of micro structures using a serial- section, microscopic reconstruction technique. Investigation of the relationship between dynamic modulus and water content of locust cuticle using laser vibrometry and water sorption techniques.  The work has also involved the design and manufacturer of two-minute stepper-motor-controlled testing devices (3- and 4-point bending and uniaxial tensile) for operation within an environmental scanning electron microscope to enable the observation of fracture at the micro structural level.
        04/01-03 Lecturing Duties, Department of Engineering, University of Reading.
          Two-semester course: 1st semester C programming for engineers, 2nd semester numerical methods for engineers using MATLAB.
        01/93 - 03 Demonstrating Duties, University of Reading and Imperial College.
          Engineering Materials, Plastic Hinges lab, Programming, Numerical Analysis.
        01/93 - 03 Project Supervisor, Imperial College, and University of Reading.
          Twelve final-year engineering student projects relating to design, testing, and modelling of engineering problems. Examples include dynamic testing of fibre ropes and knots, modelling of hose structures, development of a force measuring cycle pedal, structural modelling of a knee ligament and vibration characteristics of insect wings.
        07/98 - 01/00 Database Programmer, Ford Credit Ltd, Watford.
          Developing an interactive complaints database using VBA and SQL (part-time work).
        01/96 - 03/98 Research Fellow, Rope Research Group, University of Reading.
          This research involved developing a novel technique for measuring strains in multiple wires on a rope during fatigue testing. Once developed the technique was used to evaluate the influence of broken wires and other forms of degradation on rope fatigue-life under tension. Additionally, wire strain distribution on normal and overloaded ropes was quantified. A statistical fatigue model based on wire strain distribution was developed, which compared favourably with the experimentally measured endurance values. It was suggested that wire strain distribution be used as an indication of manufacturing quality of a rope, and may be measured indirectly through simple tests.
        01/93 - 01/96 Post Graduate Research Student (PhD), High Pressure Fatigue Lab, Imperial College.
          Helical-wound multi-layer wire-reinforced thermoplastic hose, with burst pressures up to 8000 bar were tested under combined loading and modelled. Present design techniques are based on a few simple theories relating to the hose static behaviour but this project modelled the mechanical behaviour of hose in the form of a series of non-linear equations. The model includes the effect of wire contact forces, compressibility of the core and its local extrusion between the wires. To verify the model burst pressure, length change and wire strain were measured experimentally using a custom-designed and built test facility. The model provides a useful tool for the hose designer. For example, a number of improvements in hose design were recommended, aimed at reducing contact stresses and fretting between wires, thus extending the fatigue life of such structures.
        09/90 - 09/91 Research Assistant, Rehabilitation Engineering Centre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
          Investigating the effect of prosthetic alignment on the gait of amputees. This project involved development and integration of specialised force and motion analysis measurement systems, in order to carry out clinical studies involving amputees, working with a clinician. Also evaluating the performance of a number of spinal fixation devices, implanted into vertebral bodies, using mechanical testing and modelling techniques.
        01-06/90 Undergraduate Research Student, Materialprufungsanstalt, University of Stuttgart/University of Strathclyde. (ERASMUS award)
          Investigating the effect of specimen thickness on post-yield fracture mechanics parameters, J-integral, crack tip opening displacement and notch-root contraction for a low-alloy high- strength structural steel, using experimental (unloading compliance technique) and finite element techniques. Result: that most parameters were not true material properties and had some level of geometry dependence, with the exception of Ji, the J-initiation parameter.
        10/88 - 06/89 Exchange Student, University of Utah / University of Strathclyde (ISEP award)
          Studying in the mechanical engineering program, in junior (3rd) year courses.
        86 - 90 Rolls Royce (Aero) Ltd., Student Trainee (vacation work):
          Design Dept- working on an in-line filter for the fuel system of a Tay engine.,
        Development Dept- working on the temperature-sensed control mechanism for varying the air intake of a Spey 807 engine.,
        Maintenance Dept-  working with maintenance engineer in a turbine blade press shop.,
        Engineering applications- basic engineering skills, machining, welding etc.



        Cave Exploration - 1994 -2000 - Expedition Leader (94), Secretary (95-00)

        Initiated a series of caving expeditions lasting six weeks each, living on a high alpine mountain plateau exploring and mapping new cave systems. The work has resulted in the discovery of the 5th deepest and the longest cave in Slovenia, National Radio and Television interviews,newspaper articles (including multiple front page stories in Slovenian national press), numerous lectures and reports in national and international magazines and a 246 page published book covering 32 years of exploration under the Migovec plateau (The Hollow Mountain, published in 2007 by www.lulu.com). Exploration of this system continues to the present day with a major 4 week expedition every summer.

        Imperial College (IC) Exploration Soc. - 1994 - 1996 - Chairman (94/95), Treasurer (95/95)

        Organising lectures and advisor on expedition planning and execution

        IC and U. of Reading Engineering Depts. 1193 - 2005 - Supervisor

        UG final year project students (12) wrote project proposal, day-to-day supervision and evaluated students performance.

        National Caving Association - 1999 - 2003

        Member of the NCA technical and equipment committee, also chaired sessions at annual caving conference

        U. Reading Engineering Dept. - 2001 - 2003

        Lecturing 2 semester course in numerical methods for engineers

        Society of Experimental Mechanics - 2002 - Session Chair

        Chaired session at annual conference on a track of the 'biologically' inspired materials series


        • Experience with numerical methods for signal and image processing, including analysis in time, frequency and spatial frequency using Fourier techniques and use of statistical and filtering tools.

        • Experience working with many standard biochemical techniques: including methods for manipulation and identification of proteins and methods for the culture and biochemical manipulation of cells.

        • Experience with a number of microscopy techniques, standard optical methods (such as dark and bright-field, differential interference contrast (DIC), reflection interference contrast (RIC) phase and confocal) and more advanced methods (optical tweezers) including building bespoke apparatus on an optical bench. Also experience with scanning electron microscopy.

        • Wide knowledge of computer programming including object oriented programming.

        • Experience with designing and building of experimental apparatus, including data acquisition, signal and image processing.

        • Wide Experience of numerical modelling, using analytical and finite-element techniques for structural analysis and stress analysis problems.


        Caving - Extensive experience in Alpine caving and expedition caving techniques. Active member of Imperial College Caving Club and the Northern Pennine Club. Involved in the exploration of the Migovec System, Julian Alps, Slovenia, which is currently 971m deep and 27km long, making it the longest cave in Slovenia (since 13th August 2012). Have caved in Europe, also in Africa, the Americas and South East Asia. Have regularly trained people in caving techniques as well as given lectures and written articles on caving exploration and technique.

        Cycling - Scottish Schoolboy Cycling Champion (Individual and Team, Track and Road) and 25 mile time trial record holder (1984,85). Raced in Scotland, England, USA, Hong Kong and China. Commute to work averaging around 7000 miles a year (best times 50 mile 2h 04m 28s,  25mile – 55 m 47s, 10 mile 21m 58 s) Also like cycle touring, mountain biking, unicycling, recumbents and the practical aspects of bike mechanics (bike building and wheel building).

        Other outdoor interests: mountaineering, climbing, canoeing and skiing.

        Indoor Interests Play recorders (C and F) and have a general interest in classical music, chess (have played for school and university chess teams, also have organised a school team). Reading- a wide range of fiction and non fiction.




        'Aspects Of The Mechanical Behaviour Of Helical Wire Structures Relating To Quasi Static And Fatigue Properties’ (1999) PhD Thesis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College, London.

        ‘Mechanical Characterisation Of A Technique For Cyclically Straining Cells In Vitro’ (1992) MSc Thesis. Physiological Flows Study Unit and Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College, London.

        The Influence Of Specimen Thickness On J- Integral Crack Resistance Curves And J Initiation Parameters In The Field Of Elastic Plastic Fracture Mechanics’.Final Year Project thesis (1990). Materialprüfungsanstalt, U. Stuttgart/U. Strathclyde.

        Peer reviewed journals and book chapters

        J.J.Evans, ‘An image-processing technique for measuring the dynamic movement of cell membranes’. Computers in Biology and Medicine.  2008, 38 545-554.

        J.J.Evans, W.B. Gratzer, N.Mohandas, K.H. Parker, and J. Sleep, ‘Fluctuation of the red blood cell membrane: control by bending modulus and membrane tension’,  Biophysical Journal. 2008, 94 4134- 4144.

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        Conference Proceedings

        J.J.Evans and C.R.Chaplin 'The Effect Of Wire Breaks And Rope Overloading On Wire Strains During Tensile Fatigue Testing Of Six Strand Wire Rope ' OIPEEC Round Table Conference, Reading 1997.

        J.J. Evans., P.S.J. Crofton and R.P. Travis, ' Analysis Of The Strength And Stiffness Of High Pressure Spiral Hose', (1995) MARINFLEX'95, European Conference on Flexible pipes, Umbilicals and Marine Cables.

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        Oral Presentations at Conferences  

        MARINFLEX, International conference on Marine cables and umbilicals,
        UCL Mechanical Engineering department 1995 (Hose pipe)
        OIPEEC, International organisation for the study of wire rope endurance,
        Round Table Conference, University of Reading 1997 (Wire rope)
        Society of Experimental Mechanics, Portland Oregon, 2001 (Hose pipe)
        Society of Experimental Mechanics, Portland Oregon, 2001 (Insect cuticle mechanics)
        Society of Experimental Mechanics, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2002 (Insect cuticle mechanics)
        Biomimetics 7, University of Reading, 2003 (Insect cuticle mechanics)
        European Red Cell Symposium, University of Oxford, 2007 (Red cell)
        Workshop on Biophysics, Cavendish Lab, University of Cambridge 2007 (Red cell)
        The British Blood Transfusion Society Annual Conference, Glasgow 2007 (Red cell)

        Speleological Publications and Presentations


        J.J.Evans and M.J.Evans ‘Caves of Migovec’, (1995) Caves and Caving, Bulletin of the British Cave Research Association, No 67, pp.12-16.

        M.J. Evans and J.J.Evans ‘More on Migovec’, (1996) Caves and Caving, Bulletin of the British Cave Research Association, No.72, pp.21-25.

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        J.J.Evans 'Adventures in the Hollow Mountain (Migovec 1994-97)' (1998) ICCC Journal No. 21 pp 13-28.


        ‘The Hollow Mountain (1974-2006)’ , (2008) Imperial College Caving Club, 246pp, major contributor and co-editor, published by www.lulu.com  (available for order online).

        Oral Presentations

        British Cave Research Association Annual Conference, Stockport ,1995 Royal Geographical Society, Expeditions Conference, London, 1996 British Cave Research Association Annual Conference, Bristol ,1998 European Cave Exploration Symposium, Namur, Belgium, 2000


        Computers Map Underground Path’  Daily Telegraph  21/1/1997

        Conquering Caves with Computers’  The Times, Wednesday 2/1/97, Interface p7.

        Močnik, Blaž (16 August 2012). . "Nov najdaljši jamski sistem je pod Migovcem" [The New Longest Cave   System Is Under Migovec]Delo.si (in Slovene) (Delo, d. d.). ISSN 1854-6544. (front page article in national Slovene press).

        + front page news articles in 5 other national Slovene newspapers- (all on 16th August 2012)


        Interview on National Slovenian radio for program about Migovec cave exploration. Ljubljana,1998.


        Interview on national network TV for 10 o'clock news, 16 August 2012. (See     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-U27Py6BIY)