• Jim Evans

      • Dr James John Evans
        BEng(Hons) MSc DIC PhD MIMechE CEng

        M: 07952 810714
        email: nevajims@gmail.com



        Jim, has 20 years experience of experimental and theoretical analysis in projects relating to the measurement of mechanical properties of materials in quasi static, dynamic and fatigue conditions.  He has extensive experience in software development for experimental analysis and modelling as well as working with and developing equipment utilising a wide range of instrumentation including strain gauges/load cells, accelerometers, piezoelectric transducers, microscopic equipment and quantitative video analysis. He has worked for 5 years as a Development Engineer in a non destructive testing equipment manufacturer (Guided Ultrasonics Ltd) and previous to this has worked as a post doctoral research fellow on a number of projects relating to the measurement and modelling of ultrahigh pressure hose and wire rope mechanical properties, the measurement of the dynamic properties of red cell membrane and the dynamic properties of insect cuticle. He has published over 20 papers relating to his work.



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