• Optimoor Seminar 2023 New Orleans

    • Optimoor Seminar 2023

      New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

      November 7 and 8

      At the Residence Inn, French Quarter Area, Central Business District, New Orleans, USA


      Early Bird Price 1600 US$ Deadline: 7 October, 2023

      Late bookings after 7 October 1750 US$

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      The seminar is intended for Optimoor users of all levels of experience.

      Many features of the program will be discussed and demonstrated. Example mooring case studies will be presented. Opportunities will be provided for open discussions, feedback and suggestions.

      Attendance is limited to a maximum of 40 so that adequate attention can be given to questions.

      New Features

      Advanced features and recent enhancements of Optimoor will be discussed and demonstrated:

      3D Optimoor: The new 3D graphics will be demonstrated along with features such as clash detection, measuring tool.

      Network Licence:  Demonstration of new network licence (no dongle required). How to activate. Set up automatic release or store on PC for offline access.

      Hydrodynamic Coefficient files (HCFs) and User Defined RAO: For calculating wave response for specific hull profiles. What are they? How are they created? How to run in Optimoor

      Jonswap spectrum: How to use

      Tsunami: New model added to Optimoor. Demonstration of how to run in Optimoor.

      New Ship-Shore Compatibility Study (SSCS): New web platform for the digitising of the SSCS process applicable to the LNG / LPG sector. Automated compatibility process which will be linked into Optimoor 3D.

      Other Topics Include

      Ship-to-Ship Module, Alongside Mooring: Analysis of two ships moored side-by-side, including mooring line loads and fender forces between the ships. Benchmarking relative ship motions to other industry accepted software.

      Dynamic Analysis: Demonstration of wind gusting, time varying current and waves and how Dynamic analysis can be used to simulate real life events such as vessel break out.

      Wind and Current Coefficients: What are they? How to access them.  How to create new ones or modify existing ones.  How were they validated?

      Effects of Waves and Swell: Differences between waves and swell.  The benefits of longer compliant tails in exposed locations

      OCIMF MEG 4 Discussion: Presentation on the new OCIMF MEG 4 including typical misinterpretations, new definitions and how this affects data input for Optimoor. Calculating ‘Ship Design Minimum Breaking Load’ (SdMBL). Q&A will be held to discuss any queries.

      Mooring Lines / Rope Stiffness: Discussion on both static and dynamic rope stiffness and how Optimoor models these.

      Passing Ship Forces: Demonstration of Force and Moment Time History, generated within Optimoor, for use in dynamic analysis.

      Batch Analysis: Allows variations of input data to be run under a batch execution command.

      TTI Presenters

      Presentations and demonstrations of many Optimoor features will be made by:

      John Flory 
      President, Tension Technology International, LLC, USA 
      Mooring Expert, Rope Expert and Co-developer of Optimoor

      Stephen Banfield
      Managing Director, Tension Technology International, Ltd, UK 
      Mooring Expert, Rope Expert and Advanced Optimoor Trainer

      Chris Berryman 
      Consultant, Tension Technology International, Ltd., UK
      Mooring Expert, Rope Expert and Optimoor Trainer

      Guest Speakers

      Scott Fenical
      Maritime/Coastal Engineer, Vice President, Mott MacDonald, San Francisco.
      Topic:  Hydrodynamic analysis calculation of passing ship force and moment time history for use in Optimoor.

      Additional Information on Seminar

      This is not a hands-on, systematic training session. Attendees should preferably have prior experience setting up and running the Optimoor program. Nevertheless, inexperienced attendees will also learn from attending, and will have the opportunity for limited “one-on-one” training. See Optimoor Assistance Desk below

      November 7th session - 8:30 am to 5 pm (registration 8:30 – 9:00 am) 
      November 8th session - 8.30 am to 5 pm

      Lunch and refreshment breaks are included.

      A dinner on the evening of November 7th is included from 6:00pm.

      Optimoor Assistance Desk

      In parallel to the Seminar, there will be an Optimoor Assistance Desk where Seminar participants can take time for one-to-one or small group consultations with an Optimoor instructor. The assistance is pre-bookable in 1-hour slots. These sessions could be used by those new to Optimoor or those that need clarification on certain aspects of running Optimoor analysis


      Ross Morley
      Consultant, Tension Technology International, Ltd., UK 
      Mooring analysis


      Registration is limited to 40 people

      Registration fee is USD $1600 per delegate 

      A USD $100 discount is given for additional registrations when more than one person from the same company registers and pays at the same time.  For additional registrations please contact Ross Morley directly to make booking at the contact details as noted below in the 'Further Information' section.

      Please note that prices are excluding UK VAT.  Where applicable and if purchasing through the UK a separate invoice for VAT @ 20% will be raised accordingly.

      To book your place at the Optimoor Seminar,

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      Hotel Location and Reservations

      The Seminar will be held at the Residence Inn New Orleans French Quarter Area/Central Business District,
      360 St. Charles Avenue,
      New Orleans,
      Louisiana, 70130

      If accommodation is required attendees must make their reservations and payments directly with the Residence Inn New Orleans.  Please call 1-888-236-2427 and mention the Tension Technology International Optimoor Seminar when making your booking or you can call or email Susan James on 1-504-635-4954 or Bart Pouwels at 1-504-635-4953. emails:  BartP@immhotels.com, SusanJ@immhotels.com

      The following link will also take you directly to the hotels main pages. 

      Residence Inn New Orleans

      Further Information

      For question about the Optimoor Seminar call Ross Morley:

      UK: +44 (0) 7540 427224
      Email: morley@tensiontech.com