• TTI Reveals Exciting New OPTIMOOR Developments - 3D Interactive Visuals

      • TTI’s in house developed OPTIMOOR program is one of the World’s leading and most trusted mooring analysis software packages.  With capabilities to model Static, Dynamic, Wave Response, Ship-to-Ship, Tsunami, Passing Ships, and many other features.

        The TTI Optimoor development team are continuously looking to enhance the programmes capabilities both behind the scenes and to provide a user desktop interface that meets the requirements of today’s demands.  As part of these requirements TTI has been working on the development of a 3D interface model and we are excited to share a preview of what is coming down the pipeline.

        The 3D model is an interactive world where the user interface provides complete customisation of the vessel and moorings all in 3D.  The vessel and mooring equipment are all plastic and the model will automatically adjust to users input parameters dynamically solving mooring forces.

        Proximity tests and ruler measurements via point and click gives immediate feedback for any potential clashes of mooring lines and jetty structure.

        Other features to be provided include:

        Full customisation of vessel and berth dimensions.

        Vessel and Berth drawings import and overlay.

        Custom branding

        Follow the link below for the promotional video and email us at optimoor@tensiontech.com to ensure you receive the lastest news from us on this exciting development.


        Screen Image 1 - Initial Mooring Layout Visual


        Screen Image 2 - Proximity Tests


        Screen Image 3 – Line Orientation and Length


        Screen Image 4 – Vessel GA Import and Overlay


        Don't forget to contact optimoor@tensiontech.com to ensure you receive the lastest news from us on this exciting development.