• Chris Burgoyne

    • Dr. Christopher J. Burgyone

      Phone: 0223-871111
      FAX: 0323-32094

      Chris Burgoyne is an expert in parallel-lay ropes and the properties of aramid yarns. This experience developed from work on prestressed concrete and the desirability of using a high strength tendon that would not corrode. Chris studied and worked under Dr. Roger Hobbs at Imperial College. He is presently on the faculty of the Civil Engineering Department, Cambridge, University. He also is an associate with Tension Technology International.

      Major accomplishments

      Chris' main research activity is associated with the use of high strength fibre materials in civil and structural engineering applications. These include uses such as prestressing tendons in concrete, stay cables and suspension cables in bridges, mooring lines and tensioned tethers for marine structures, and rock anchors.

      Particular topics studied include the long term properties of the yarns in use, the effects of creep and relaxation of the materials, the methods of anchoring the tendons, and the effects of fibre variability on rope properties.

      Other research topics include the design philosophy of prestressed concrete, and the application of expert systems to design.


      Cambridge University, BA Engineering, 1971

      Imperial College, London, M.Sc. Structural Engineering, 1972

      Imperial College, London, PhD Structural Engineering, 1982


      Cheshire County Council, Engineering Assistant, 1972-74

      Imperial College, London, Lecturer, Coordinator Concrete Laboratories. 1978-89

      Cambridge University, University Lecturer, Fellowship, Emmanuel College, 1989-present.

      Tension Technology International, Consultant, 1989-Present

      Professional registration

      Charter Engineer, Institution of Civil Engineers, 1978

      Charter Engineer, Institution of Structural Engineers, 1989

      Publications and patents

      Author of 32 technical publications and papers

      (Publications Lists available on request)

      (January, 2005)