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    • Optimoor Seminar 2019

      Houston, Texas, USA

      October 21st and 22nd, 2019

      At the JW Marriott Houston Downtown

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      The seminar is intended for Optimoor users of all levels of experience.

      Many features of the program will be discussed and demonstrated. Example mooring case studies will be presented. Opportunities will be provided for open discussions, feedback and suggestions.

      Attendance is limited to a maximum of 40 so that adequate attention can be given to questions.


      Topics to be discussed and demonstrated include (tentatively):

      New & Upcoming Features Include:

      Scripting service provided by TTI for searching and extracting data from large runs comprising many thousands of pages

      Automated OCIMF Reporting
      New feature allows user to run the standard OCIMF MEG 4 criteria instantly and report results in standard OCIMF table.

      Dynamic Batch Analysis
      Allows variations of input data to be run under a batch execution command. This now includes dynamic simulations. Also, new scripting feature that allows for searching report files.

      Enhanced Dynamic Passing Ship Analysis
      Additional parameters: including effects of both moored and passing ship drafts, adjacent quay wall or bank, and confined channel width.

      Network Licence
      Demonstration of new network licence (no dongle required). Loaning process allows users to move licence between PCs.

      Mooring Lines / Rope Stiffness
      Discussion on both static and dynamic rope stiffness and how Optimoor models these.

      OCIMF MEG 4 Discussion
      Presentation on the new OCIMF MEG 4 including typical misinterpretations, new definitions and how this affects data input for Optimoor. Q&A will be held to discuss any queries

      Upcoming Developments
      3D graphics and waves in the time domain are some of the new up and coming features


      Other Topics Include:

      Analysis of two ships moored side-by-side, including mooring line loads and fender forces between the ships. Also actual field examples of two ships STS in free drift, mother vessel under bow anchor and yawing, turret moored FLNG with STS LNGC, weather vaning, pierside FSRU STS LNGC. Also, benchmarking relative ship motions to real life STS situations. Example of a good and bad STS layout and effect on line loads.

      Dynamic Analysis
      Demonstration of wind gusting, time varying current and waves and how dynamic analysis can be used to simulate real life events such as vessel break out

      Wind and Current Coefficients
      How to access. Which coefficients to use. How to create new ones or modify existing ones.

      Effects of Waves and Swell
      Differences between waves and swell. Wave period and spectra

      Mooring Line/Tails – Materials & Lengths
      How mooring line materials and tail lengths influence mooring loads and vessel motions particularly at exposed locations

      Fenders and Fender Characteristics
      Input linear and nonlinear data.  Extracting input data for technical documentation

      Wind, Current and Wave Direction Sweeps/Roses 
      Understanding Optimoor visual outputs

      Loadout Moorings
      How to setup and analyse vessel moored in a recessed quay wall or with bow against pier

      Catenary Anchor Legs and Multi-Buoy Berths
      How to set up catenary anchor legs and mooring lines extending to catenary moored buoys. How to analyse offshore moorings, CALMS and SPMS

      Position Mode
      How to determine the combination of forces and moments necessary to hold the vessel in a defined position at the mooring.


      TTI Presenters

      Presentations and demonstrations of many Optimoor features will be made by:

      John Flory 
      President, Tension Technology International, LLC, USA 
      Mooring Expert, Rope Expert and Co-developer of Optimoor

      Stephen Banfield 
      Managing Director, Tension Technology International, Ltd, UK 
      Mooring Expert, Rope Expert and Advanced Optimoor Trainer

      Chris Berryman 
      Consultant, Tension Technology International, Ltd., UK 
      Mooring Expert, Rope Expert and Optimoor Trainer

      Jack Evans
      Naval Architect Optimoor Developer, Tension Technology International, Ltd., UK 

      Sam Weller
      Consultant, Optimoor Developer, Tension Technology International, Ltd., UK 

      Special Guest Speakers (to be announced shortly)


      Additional Information on Seminar

      This is not a hands-on, systematic training session. Attendees should preferably have prior experience setting up and running the Optimoor program. Nevertheless, inexperienced attendees will also learn from attending, and will have the opportunity for limited “one-on-one” training. See Optimoor Assistance Desk below

      October 21st  session - 9 am to 5 pm (registration 8:30 – 9:00 am) 
      October 22nd session - 8.30 am to 4 pm

      Lunch and refreshment breaks are included.

      A dinner on the evening of October 21st is included.

      Optimoor Assistance Desk

      In parallel to the Seminar, there will be an Optimoor Assistance Desk where Seminar participants can take time for one-to-one or small group consultations with an Optimoor instructor. The assistance is pre-bookable in 1-hour slots. These sessions could be used by those new to Optimoor or those that need clarification on certain aspects of running Optimoor analysis


      Ross Morley 
      Consultant, Tension Technology International, Ltd., UK 
      Optimoor Trainer


      Registration is limited to 40 people.

      Early bird registration fee is US$ 1500 (exc. VAT) to September 21st.

      Registration fee increases to US$ 1650 (exc. VAT) after September 21st.

      A US$ 100 discount is given for additional registrations when more than one person from the same company registers and pays at the same time.

      Please note that prices are excluding UK VAT.  Where applicable and if purchasing through the UK or Europe a separate invoice for VAT @ 20% will be raised accordingly unless VAT number is confirmed.

      To book your place at the Optimoor Seminar,

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      Hotel Location and Reservations

      The Seminar will be held at the

      JW Marriott Houston Downtown,
      806 Main Street,
      Houston TX 77002

      Tel + 713-360-3800

      Attendees must make their reservations and payments directly with JW Marriott Houston Downtown


      Further Information

      For questions about the Optimoor Seminar, call Ross Morley:

      UK: +44 (0) 7540 427224
      Email: morley@tensiontech.com


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