• OPTIMOOR Seminar 2016!

      • TTI recently held its annual Optimoor Seminar from 16th and 17th November at the Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East Hotel

        The seminar covered many features of the Optimoor program and discussions and features demonstrated catered for all levels of experience.  In addition to group presentations delegates also had the opportunity to visit the Optimoor Assistance Desk where participants could have one-to-one and small group consultations with experienced Optimoor instructors.

        Presentations and demonstrations of many Optimoor features where be made by:


        John Flory 
        President, Tension Technology International, LLC, USA 
        Mooring Expert, Rope Expert and Co-developer of Optimoor

        Stephen Banfield 
        Managing Director, Tension Technology International, Ltd, UK 
        Mooring Expert, Rope Expert and Advanced Optimoor Trainer

        Chris Berryman 
        Consultant, Tension Technology International, Ltd., UK 
        Mooring Expert, Rope Expert and Optimoor Trainer


        Guest Speaker

        Meng-Hoe Wong
        Associate Consultant, Tension Technology International, Ltd


        Topics discussed and demonstrated included;

        Ship-to-Ship Module, Alongside Mooring: - Analysis of two ships moored side-by-side, including mooring line loads and fender forces between the ships

        Batch Analysis: - Allows variations of input data to be run under a batch execution command.

        Dynamic Analysis: - Demonstration of wind gusting, time varying current and waves and how Dynamic analysis can be used to simulate real life events such as vessel break out.

        Passing Ship Analysis: - Demonstration of Force and Moment Time History, generated within Optimoor, for use in dynamic analysis.

        Wind and Current Coefficients: - How to access. Which coefficients to use. How to create new ones or modify existing ones.

        Effects of Waves and Swell: - Differences between waves and swell. Wave period and spectra.

        Mooring Line/Tails – Materials & Lengths: - The effects of different materials and tail lengths particularly at exposed locations

        Fenders and Fender Characteristics: - Extracting input data for technical documentation

        Wind, Current and Wave Direction Sweeps/Roses: - Understanding Optimoor visual outputs

        Loadout Moorings: - How to setup and analyze vessel moored in a recessed quay wall

        Catenary Anchor Legs and Multi-Buoy Berths: - How to set up and analyze offshore moorings, CALMS and SPMS

        Position Mode: - How to determine the combination of forces and moments necessary to hold the vessel in a defined position at the mooring.

        Ship to Ship: - Actual field examples of two ships STS free drift, mother vessel under bow anchor and yawing, turret moored FLNG with STS LNGC, weather vaning, pierside FSRU STS LNGC

        TTI Managing Director, Steve Banfield presenting to delegates during one session of the seminar.


        Seminar 2017

        Planning for this year’s seminar is well underway with New Orleans, being the likely location and with dates of the 24th and 25th October.


        Further Information will be provided as soon as possible but in the meantime if you have any questions about the Optimoor Seminar, contact Ross Morley.


        UK: +44 (0)7540427224

        Email: morley@tensiontech.com