• Navigating the Mooring Landscape – A White Paper by TTI Marine Renewables Ltd

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        Navigating The Mooring Landscape

        TTI and TTI Marine Renewables Ltd have been working on mooring system design for many years now.  What is clear is that it is a highly challenging optimisation process, and the conventional approach of incremental iteration can miss ideal solutions. In the field of FOWT moorings the technical and commercial challenges set out by the industry are so stringent that highly optimised solutions are required.

        By adopting automation of the design process using our multi-objective optimisation (MOO) tool we are able to efficiently explore extensive mooring parameter spaces. The algorithm works alongside mooring system software, Orcaflex, with the tool able to drive the set-up, execution of simulations and extraction of results. Developed in-house over the last 5 years we have successfully used our tool on a number of marine renewable energy and FOWT projects. This tool can be used to support concept design, front end engineering as well as detailed design and can be applied to single or array scale systems.

        Please let us know if you would like to find out more.

        Dr Sam Weller - MOO Implementation Technical Specialist

        Ben Yeats - Director & Business Development

        Tom Mackay - Technical Director