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Consultancy, Design and Engineering Services in Ropes, Textiles and Marine Systems


Tension Technology International (TTI) is an independent consulting group specializing in flexible tension member systems.

Each of our principals has at least 20 years experience in his field and is an internationally recognized expert.

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Services - Consulting services for Ropes, Textiles and marine systems

Tools & Guides - Online Tools and guides for Rope selection and design

Software - Rope design or Mooring Software

Papers & Technical notes - Short documents and publications on TTI's areas of expertise

TTI Testing Ltd

A dedicated facility for the testing of fibre, wire and chain tension systems.

Our services include fundamental R&D, and forensic examination of failures. We also offer consultancy in technical textile structures, particularly flexible containers.

TTI Testing will always offer innovative proposals on any aspect of materials testing and will design and build new equipment when required.

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News: We are pleased to announce that TTI Testing Ltd has been awarded ISO 9001 Certification



TTI awarded £750k TSB Grant

TTI has started a 21 month research study along with collaborators Bridon, Bluewater, Nylacast and AWS Ocean Energy.

Two of the major costs in renewable mooring arrays will be the installation and the cost of top end connections of the mooring line to the device. This study seeks to prove out the technology of using a fibre rope operating through a nylon lined fixed fairlead to replace conventional wire or chain systems.

This concept may deliver a step-change reduction in CAPEX, OPEX and reduced installation cost. It is a lighter, easier to handle, no maintenance through life, lower cost system compared to conventional methods.

If this concept works it will break through a major technological barrier and will apply to any marine device whether renewable, oil and gas or any other marine device responding to 1st order wave motions.

A testing program is underway to verify the method and quantify the fatigue damage accumulation to enable system designers to calculate wear rates. A full scale prototype will be built and installed for a field trial and data accumulated to verify the laboratory research.



Achilles qualification
TTI is now a member of the Achilles Joint Qualification System (ID 27240) as used by 36 oil companies and contractors for the Norwegian and Danish continental shelves

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TTI welcomes Nigel Briggs
TTI welcomes Nigel Briggs as associate consultant and representative for Quality Assurance as TTI moves towards ISO9001:2008 certification.

Nigel has formally held mechanical design, project management duties within military avionics and semi-conductor electronics. He has a specialist interest in computer aided design and finite element analysis using Autodesk Inventor and ANSYS, latterly with TTI designing mooring fittings for synthetic fibre ropes in the offshore wave energy, oil and gas industries.

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TTI completed Carbon Trust grant and awarded new grant
The project recently completed will lead to lighter and more efficient mooring systems specifically for tidal and wave energy devices. The new grant will continue testing Durability and mechanical property data on nylon ropes for wave energy moorings and continuing the work on bag anchors.

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Carbon Trust: Testing and developing new mooring systems
TTI are nearing completion of a Carbon Trust Study conducting research and testing on fibre ropes and bag anchors for wave energy moorings.

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Handbook Of Fibre Rope Technology coverHandbook Of Fibre Rope Technology
by H.A. McKenna, John W. S. Hearle, N. O'Hear
Following an introduction to fibre ropes, the Handbook of fibre rope technology takes a comprehensive look at rope-making materials, rope structures, properties and mechanics and covers rope production, focusing on laid strand, braided, low-twist and parallel yarn ropes.



optimoor - mooring analysis software
Fibre Rope Modeler - Rope design software


Riser Protection Nets (RPN) - technical expertise
Expert Witness - Marine Accident Investigation
Joint Industry Projects (JIP) and Research & Development (R&D)
Rope Service Life Prediction